How Do I Know What Size Jewelry I Need ?

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For Large Size Jewelry To Fit Plus Size and Men and Women. Now also Featuring Standard Size Jewelry on Selected Items.



How Do I Know What Size I Need ?

To Determine Size Measure Your Wrist by Putting a Piece of Heavy String Around Your Wrist hen Leave a Little Room to Determine Where you Would Like the Bracelet to Hang. Then Measure the String.

Be Sure That it is a Comfortable Fit Because too Large and it Can Fall off or Hang on Your Upper Hand. Too Small and it Will be Uncomfortable. 


Get a Medium Weight String (So it will hang) then Measure to Where You Would Like Your Necklace to Hang. Measure the String to See What Length Chain You Will Need.

We Cater to the Plus Size and Large Community for Their Jewelry Needs. Our Necklaces Come With a Selection of Chain Lengths to Select From for a Comfortable Fit.

For Women Standard Chain Size is 16 or 18 Inches. Plus Size Women Normally Need 20" or Longer.

For Men Standard Chain Size is 20 Inches. Plus Size Men Normally Need 24" or Longer.

We Cater to the Plus Size and Large Community for Their Jewelry Needs. Our Necklaces Come With a Selection of Chain Lengths to Select From for a Comfortable

Don't See Your Size or Know Your Size Just Call Us So We Can Guide You to Select the Right Choice.


Measure Your Wrist with some Twine. Insert Your Pinky Finger Under the Twine (String). Do Not Pull Tight. Keep it to Where it is Comfortable.

We Offer Plus Size Watches for Men or Women in Large Long Length 8, 9 or 10 Inches for a Large Wrist from the Official Classic Plus Size Jewelry Site.

Selections Include Stretch Watches, Metal Bands, Strap Watches and More. Check Back Often, as we are Continue to List New Items.


Measure Ankle by Putting a Piece of String Around Your Ankle. Leave a Little Room and Determine Where you would Like the Anklet to Hang - Then Measure the String. 

9" is Standard Anklet Size for an Average Woman.

Plus Size Ankle Bracelets or Anklets can add a Dressier Look To Your Ankles and Feet During Warmer Weather or for Vacations. Long Sizes Customized to the Long Length You Need. Perfect to Wear with Summer Dresses, Bare Feet or Flip Flops.  

See Our Toe Rings in Sterling Silver or 14K Gold, Too.


See the Bottom of Our Faq Page for a Ring Guide. You Can Also Check Online for a Ring Sizer Chart.

We Offer Women’s and Men’s Large Size Rings in Sterling Silver and Steel in a Variety of Styles and Sizes. For Those That Need Rings to Fit a Large or Extra Large Finger up to Size 17 and Size 18.

Many of the Sizes we Carry Normally Can Not be Found in Local Stores. Men's Large Size Rings in Size 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 for Plus Size Men.

Select From Wedding Bands, Wide Band Rings, Plain Casual Rings, Gemstone, Black Onyx and Other Stone Rings and More.

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